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Discovering Your Skin's Undertone: Why It Matters and How It Affects Your Beauty Choices

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What is the Skin's Undertone?

The skin's undertone is the hue or natural color underneath the skin. It can be described as cool, warm, or neutral. All skin colors have an undertone that stays the same throughout your life.

Why Should You Know Your Skin's Undertone

When you know your skin's undertone, you can choose the best lip color, hair color, color palettes and clothing that best suits you. Your skin tone may change due to external factors such as the weather conditions, but your skin's undertone never changes.


What are the 3 Types of Undertones?

  • Warm Undertone - yellow, peach or golden skin undertones

  • Cool Undertone - reddish, pink or blue skin undertones

  • Neutral Undertone - a blend of warm and cool undertones


How to Find Your Skin's Undertone

VEINS. You can look at your veins to figure out your undertone.

  • Warm undertone if your veins look greenish.

  • Cool undertone if your veins look bluish or purplish.

  • Neutral undertone if your veins appear colorless.

JEWELRY. You may find that gold or silver jewelry looks better on you.

  • Warm or olive undertone if gold jewelry looks better on you.

  • Cool undertone if silver, platinum, or rose gold looks better on you.

CLOTHING You may find that certain colors look better on you.

  • Warm undertone if warmer colors look better on you.

  • Cool undertone if cooler colors such as charcoal, cool blues and violet look better on you.

Watch the video below for more great tips and information, "How to Find Your Skin Undertone and Skin Tone".

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