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Make Your Beauty

How To Make Your Beauty

Glow Up Lifestyle is all about embracing beauty and feeling confident in your own skin. It's important to take the time to care for yourself and your body. There are many self-care rituals you can practice to help you look and feel your best. From simple skincare routines to incorporating healthy eating habits, there are plenty of ways to take care of your beauty. Regular exercise is also key as it helps to keep your body toned and energized. Taking the time to pamper yourself and make sure you feel good will ultimately help you to glow from the inside out.

Do you struggle with sensitive skin? Or maybe you’re pregnant or nursing and can’t use certain skin care products? Or do you feel like everything you try causes your skin to be blemish-prone?  At Avon, we have several natural skin care alternatives to consider. In fact, we have everything you need to keep your skin happy, healthy and hydrated from head to toe! Keep reading to learn more about Avon’s clean beauty selection and how to create a clean skin care routine.

The Clean Beauty Shop by Avon

Farm Rx Clean Beauty by Avon

Farm Rx is a vegan skin care collection with natural plant-based ingredients for healthy skin. Featuring over 85% natural ingredients, these clean formulas are hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates and so much more. Discover Farm Rx, our first line of clean beauty products. Clean Beauty at Avon is defined by products that are thoughtfully created with ingredients inspired by nature.

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Clean Beauty Products contain these ingredients:

- Super Greens: Packed with nutrients to help your skin look brighter & feel softer.

- Bakuchiol: The natural wrinkle fighter! A gentle plant-based alternative to retinol that helps visibly reduce wrinkles and even skin tone without the same irritation as retinol. (Always use SPF!)

- CBD: Short for cannabidiol, CBD is a compound extracted from hemp, which contains lots of nutrients for the skin, like vitamins A, D, E and essential fatty acids. BTW our CBD products do NOT contain THC. The only high you’ll get is knowing your skin feels cool, calm and collected.

Healthy Skin Healthy You

Read my blog posts to learn more about health and wellness issues, products and information to help you feel great, get the look you want and achieve your "Glow Up Lifestyle".
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